Teddy Milder constructs mixed-media pieces that integrate paper making, photography, fiber/textile, sculpture and digital techniques.  She lives and works in Berkeley, California.


The thread of fiber has consistently wound its way along my artist journey: leaning to sew at an early age; weaving as a young woman; stitching digital composited prints into metal quilts; using surface design on paper and fabric; creating fiber sculpture and making paper in recent years.

I am intrigued by the tension generated between hard and soft surfaces; both can take on characteristics of fragility or strength.  Using the tension of the materials as an entry point, I explore inequality, shifting boundaries and spaces between ancient/contemporary, destruction/creation, and gentleness/aggression. Beginning with my photos, scans and drawings from internal, local and distant travels, I use multiple techniques to create two and three-dimensional work on paper, cloth, metal and found materials.