inconstraint/unconstrained: paper, steel, print and stitch, solo exhibition 2016

While wandering the ancient streets of Sevilla, Spain searching for the Museum of Flamenco and "duende"- the mysterious, soulful passion of Flamenco, I took a photograph of the cobbled streets and crumbling walls. The image told a story beyond the circles and squares.
I began working with two imposed constraints: black and white and only use circles and squares to distill stories of vulnerability and strength into simple form. The work became "unconstrained" as I composited subsequent [non] circles and [non] squares with images from my mind, scanned cloth, my home, and world travels. The work below was included in a solo exhibition titled, “inconstraint/unconstrained: paper, steel, print and stitch.  

circling duende2

unconstrained 2-10, 2013.   9 archival digital mono-prints on layered and crumpled handmade substrate; stitched with metallic thread; mounted on steel plate; 12 x 12 inches each

inconstraint/unconstrained 2015. The series continued with discovery of new materials, dimensions and metaphors, a dash of color and endless possibility of tension and depth in circles and simplicity.  
Materials: hand-made abaca paper, abaca pulp, wire, silk, wool, indigo dye, pulp pigment, various threads and yarns, wood panels

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