wall constructions

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico for an artist residency just after Trump was elected President, the threat of building a border wall loomed large. In response, I photographed beautiful, ancient and new walls in Oaxaca that honor the history, and architectural and artistic culture of Mexico. Printed on amate paper I made during the residency, I hand-stitched enhancements and memories into each “wall construction” with silk threads.

Wall Constructions-Triptych includes three enlarged images on amate paper with stitching.

wall constructions - triptych, 2018

wall constructions - triptych, 2018

Wall Constructions-Installation was inspired by Rauschenberg's "Hiccups". The 35 individual pieces are joined by paper-wrapped barbed wire to create a 20 ft long "Oaxacan" wall and can be displayed in multiple configurations.

wall constructions, installation view, 2018. 35 archival pigment digital mono-prints on artist-made paper from amate; stitched with silk thread, paper-wrapped barbed wire; 11 x 240 inches

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